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G Plan Music (a subsidiary of my production company G Plan Media) just released E. Cousins (Eddie Cousins) music video for his single “American Roads” directed and produced by Gina Nemo. Upcoming “single” release in February from Austrian artist Michael O’ shimpl and his album release in March. Other projects still in the works, My VOICES documentary that I am producing and directing (shooting in Dallas in February) and will continue with other interviews in March and April. Hoping to have it finished by this summer. Poets who will be featured in this documentary along with myself are: Eddie Cousins, Orlando Murcia, Zo-Alonzo Gross, Johnny Olson, Poet Michael Ellis and Mishka Hoosen. A soundtrack release will also go along with the documentary release after final tracks are chosen. G PLAN MEDIA will also be releasing my third full collection of poetry in March.

Other upcoming and future releases on G Plan will consist of poetry and music fusion projects, international artists, poetry audio collections and soundtracks for upcoming G Plan produced projects (television, film, documentaries).




I’m really excited about the music video “American Roads” by E. Cousin that I produced and directed a little while ago (video posted below). I’m currently producing and directing a documentary called VOICES that is due out this year. My company has a lot of great things planned in 2015. More about G Plan Media and G Plan Music below.

G Plan Music is a subsidiary of G Plan Media. Upcoming releases on G Plan will consist of poetry and music fusion projects, international artists, poetry audio collections and soundtracks for upcoming G Plan produced projects (television, film, documentaries). In 2014, G Plan Music released Gina Nemo’s album CICADA, E. Cousins album AMERICAN ROADS (new music video for single “American Roads” out now) and will release the first single for upcoming international G Plan artist Michael O’shimpl in February. His album will be released on G Plan Music in March 2015.

E. Cousins – American Roads




My newest poetry audio release of newer poems and a few older one’s that has just been released. This is my second poetry audio release from G Plan Music/G Plan Media. Most of these poems are currently playing on CRY104FM in Youghal, Ireland along with songs from my albums PLASTIC WONDERLAND (1999), WAITING…(2009) and CICADA (2014). Host Paddy Lane has been featuring my songs and poems on his show on Monday nights for awhile now and it is so nice to hear that people are requesting my poetry and music!!!  Stay tuned for more upcoming audio releases in 2015…….All of my albums and poetry audio are available for purchase at:




Here is my updated bio for various websites and books. A longer one will be updated on wikipedia soon.

Gina Nemo (Poet, Writer, Singer, Speaker, Actress, Director, Producer) was born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, California. She performed on stage and in television commercials since she was 4 years old. She is best known for her music career and her award-winning role as Dorothy Pezzino in the television series, “21 Jump Street” in which an Emmy was presented to her by the late Bob Hope. Her father was the famous late jazz musician and composer Henry Nemo who came to prominence in the 1940’s and who had many hits in the Jazz era.

Gina began her career in the music business singing at Stepping Tone Records, an Indie Label in Hollywood.  She loves to sing and performed in many musicals in the Los Angeles area in the 80’s and 90’s. In the early 90’s she formed the band “22 Nemo” performing concerts in the Hollywood area along the sunset strip and at private functions.  She originally produced an album for an Indie Label in Buffalo, New York but it was never released.  In 1999 she produced and released the alternative pop/rock album Plastic Wonderland on her own Indie Label, Omen Records. Many of the songs from this album found their way into indie films and promotional campaigns for the television show Stargate SG-1.  Her next musical venture was Waiting, an EP recorded in the UK (2009) and then Cicada, an electronica dance music album released by G Plan Music, G Plan Media in 2014.

Gina went on to become a marketing executive for the major music labels Universal Records and Sony/Epic in the 90’s, launching the careers of major artists. She eventually became an independent public relations/marketing company for musical artists, music labels, entertainment companies and small businesses.  She is a Singer, Writer, Director, Producer and Marketing Consultant for her television/music production company.

She is currently producing music and releasing albums for independent artists on her G  Plan Music label (a subsidiary of G Plan Media) and also producing a documentary about poetry. She produces commercials, television marketing campaigns, television pilots and documentaries. Her other production company that she co-owns has produced various campaigns for Sony Corp, advertising promos and television pilots for television networks and film companies.

She is raising two children while pursuing her Master’s at Harvard and will be releasing her third poetry book in March 2015. Other poetry books that have been released are her poetry books Strings (2013) and Scarlet (2014) on Melinda Cochrane International.

Updates on current projects can be found at: and at

RETRO NEMO AT ITS FINEST – First Album Plastic Wonderland Review



My first album PLASTIC WONDERLAND was released in 1999 and it is currently getting lots of radio play in Ireland especially on CRY104FM on MY KIND OF MUSIC with host Paddy Lane. This is really exciting!!! Sharing a current review of the album for people who have not heard it. It is a very “progressive album” and is currently playing on the radio along with my poems from my first poetry book STRINGS. My newest album CICADA was released this year and is a more electronic album……GREAT stuff happening on my new label G PLAN MUSIC, a subsidiary of G Plan Media…..I released CICADA on G Plan Music and also E. Cousins debut album AMERICAN ROADS….My newest artist HUALA from Austria will be released in early 2015…..My newest poetry book will be released in March 2015……STAY TUNED……

Plastic Wonderland, the incredible Gina Nemo.


Byline: The Book Reviewer aka The Music Reviewer

Title of Music LP: Plastic Wonderland


All songs produced by: Gina Nemo and Justin Page.
Except: Track #1 “Dreamer” produced by: Justin Page, Howie Hersh and Gina Nemo.
Track #2 “Without You” produced by: Chris Bond and Gina Nemo.
Track #14 “Don’t Take Your Love From Me” produced by: Gina Nemo.

All songs written by: Gina Nemo and Justin Page.
Except: Track #2 “Without You” written by: Gina Nemo and Chris Bond.
Track #14 “Don’t Take Your Love From Me” written by: Henry Nemo.

All songs published by: Omen Fiction Publishing.
Except: Track #14 “Don’t Take Your Love From Me” published by: Indano Music Co.

Vocals: Gina Nemo.

Backing Vocals: Gina Nemo and Justin Page.

Electric, Acoustic and 12 String Guitars: Justin Page.

Guitars: Steve Norton, Rob “Opey” Russ, Chris Bond.

Bass: Bruce Witkin, Guy Erez, Michael Vigilante, Jeff Littleton, Randy Landis.

Drums: Rob Klonel, Burleigh Drummond, Greg Gonzalez.

Keyboards: Craig Owens, Kevin King, Doug Nahory, Fuzzbe Morse.

Violin: Karen Briggs.

Cello: Eric Von Essen.

Mandolin: Marcello Berestovoy, Justin Page.

Mixed by: Maurice Gainen, Bruce Witkin, Scott Kolden, Ryan Dorn.

Mastered by: Maurice Gainen.

Art Direction and Design by: Michael Page, Liz Oakes, Omen Fiction.

Cover Photo and Inside Page: Linda Ford.

Photo Collage: all photo’s by Gina Nemo.
Except: pink coach by Linda Ford.

Back of Album Photo by: Peter Deluise.

Makeup and Hair: Dedra Whitt.

Record Label: Omen Records.

Date of Publication: 1999.

Titles of Songs:


Without You

Around You

Breaking Down

Plastic Wonderland

I Don’t Believe in You

Smell the Roses

I’m Looking Through You

Sad Paradise

I Know

Strawberry Lady

All That Water

I Needed You

Don’t Take Your Love From Me

“that’s what little girls are made of ..”
- Old Country Rhyme

An incredible eclectic mix of alternative and pop rock songs with a classic jazz standard (written by her famous father Henry Nemo), tucked in at the end, this music is girl rock at its best. Plastic Wonderland is Gina Nemo’s first music album originally released in 1999. Gina Nemo is a Hollywood child star, noted for her role in “21 Jump Street” who is also a musician, songwriter, poet, writer, public relations maven, television/film producer. I have previously reviewed two books of poetry, Strings andScarlet for Gina Nemo, and the music CD: Cicada, released in 2014.
This music is a celebration in modern alternative rock fusion, some of the songs reminiscent of later Beatles’ influences and others in rockabilly not unlike Ricky Nelson. The lyrics read like a girl’s confessional, the bare soul of love on love, love conflicted, love lost, girl in heartache writing tunes. These are big romance songs, a girl and her band on the American wire.

One of my favourite songs is “I’m Looking Through You” a sweet and dark rain ballad that plays in your thoughts and on. This song is a piano rock ballad, with a brilliant melody line not unlike “The Cold November Rain” by Guns and Roses. “Call her an angel from the sidewalk/ Call her anything you want/ Call her an angel from the gutter/ and let her bleed upon your tongue”.

Also, “Without You” the most fantastic melody hook, perhaps the New Age rock/country music hook of the century. “I can’t be without you”. “I Know” has a sweet melodic electric guitar lick, “you say you don’t believe me but I know/ and I know your smile tastes like death ..” the mix of heartache poetry riffs with sweet melody lines. As if painting a picture of a love affair in Americana, “I needed you” plays with rockabilly influences, “I pleaded with you/ but you just gave me a dance/ because I was crazy for you/ it makes me want to cry ..” with a beautiful new fashion/old fashioned lilt for the last line.

In “Dreamer”, “Plastic Wonderland”, “I Don’t Believe in You”, “Strawberry Lady” you can hear the influences of Beatle’s psychedelia, particularly reminiscent of Sarjeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. “Plastic Wonderland”, “just give me one reason you do the things you do/ the distance in my eyes, getting harder to read between the lines” “I Don’t Believe in You” has a sweet melodic bass line, quiet, quiet and sweet that blows into rock electronica, “I don’t believe in hell/ I don’t believe in all the things you do.”

“Smell the Roses” has a hard rock guitar wale, not unlike the style of Heart with Ann and Nancy Wilson. The hard spaces of lovelife North America “I want to make you break/ and bring you to your knees ..”

For mood music, “Breaking Down” paints the picture of the end of a love affair in a black and white Americana photograph, a girl sitting in a diner drinking a cup of coffee, probably alone, the rain outside, maybe talking on the phone. “you’re watching shadows on the wall/ when nothing seems the same/ with all the dirty rain/ I’m breaking down/ so that I can be alone/ I can be alone/ I can be alone/ o’ yah/ o’ yah/ I’m sorry too.”

“All That Water” is sweet and warm like Summer rain, it plays in warm with a quiet synthesizer. “you took away my soul/ rain against the wind that I cling to . . . “

The last song is a classic jazz standard written by her father, Henry Nemo, “Don’t Take Your Love From Me.” I picture the girl in a piano bar with a fireplace, dressed in a little black dress, languid on a baby grand, perfect with a red rose. A little bit black, a little bit blue and reminiscent of the ‘40’s as if foreseeing the end of World War II when the world was the magic after hard times. The music classic jazz, in perfect voice intonations, beautiful.

The influence of classic jazz standards in the background, perhaps Gershwin and her famous father Henry Nemo, the lyric lines are original in poetic treatise. Yet very post-modern in the angst of conflicted lovelife North America, some velvet rose that knows the wind and the rain. The beautiful melody riffs, in guitar, synthesizer and piano. A fantastical mix of jazz, country and rock/pop influences in that incredible Nemo style, that incredible Nemo magic, Plastic Wonderland by Gina Nemo.




Well things are getting busy!! Poetry in motion in all kinds of great ways!! My work will be published in four upcoming anthologies coming out in the next couple of months before Christmas. My poem “I am His Music” that I wrote for my late father Jazz composer Henry Nemo will be published in an anthology honoring fathers called “Fathers And What Must Be Said” (Rebel Poetry, Ireland). I will also have my poem “Everlasting” included in another anthology called “The Day The Mirror Called” (Rebel Poetry) which is a tribute to a fellow poet’s late husband who she lost recently. The third anthology “The Art Of Being Human Vol 11″ which will include ten of my “Love Haikus” will be published by Brian Wrixon books and is a collaboration with Daniela Voicu & Brian Wrixon. This is the first time my haikus are being published! The fourth anthology “Resonance” will be published in India and will include both English and Hindi poems.

My documentary VOICES which I’m producing (my company G Plan Media, and directing is going full throttle with more interviews being shot in LA next weekend. Poets are flying in from New York and North Carolina. I will also be featured in this documentary that covers poets from all walks of life. I am planning on finishing this in 2015. Will be heading to Sacramento early next year to interview more poets for this project. I just released audio of my poems from my first book STRINGS a few months ago and it is available on along with my poetry books and albums. Planning on releasing another poetry book early next year.

Other upcoming projects include developing new spoken word/musical talent on my music label G Plan Music (a subsidiary of G Plan Media). We will be shooting E. Cousins video for his single “American Roads” next week also. I will be producing and directing the video. There is a spoken word/music compilation in the works also under the name DY-NEMO. Other projects in Ireland coming up also in the new year. My next poetry book about love will be released in March of 2015.

It is all good!! Life is a bowl of cherries…you just have to know which one’s to pick!! ha




So this adventure begins!! I’m excited about meeting some amazing talented poets, writers and musicians!!! Will be traveling in the states and other countries soon. First stop IRELAND! Dublin for press, meetings and fun with friends and then off to Fermoy in Cork for more fun and press (radio and news)! Other countries to follow depending on timing and other stuff. Will be visiting radio stations and speaking with writers there to talk about the festival, my new album CICADA and my poetry books. I’m hoping to see some other beautiful parts of IRELAND when I am there.


First poetry audio release from Gina Nemo’s first poetry book “STRINGS” that was released in October 2013. Audio released on G Plan Music, a subsidiary of G Plan Media released in July 2014 and now on and on soon……Poems from this release are currently playing on CRY104 FM in Ireland on “My Kind Of Music” with host Paddy Lane…



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Gina CD cover


Cicada by Gina Nemo, dance music from the angel who fell to earth.

Byline: The Book Reviewer aka The Music Reviewer

Title of Music LP: CicadaComposer(s) and Musicians:

All songs written by Gina Nemo and Maurice Gainen

Except for tracks “Shoulda Said” and “My Eyes Are Wide Open”

Which were written by Gina Nemo, Maurice Gainen and Lance McCloud

Loves Comes Quickly (Pet Shop Boys), Saltwater (Julian Lennon), Tis Autumn (Henry Nemo)

Back up vocals: Gina Nemo, Angela Carole Brown, Lance McCloud

Flute, sax and keyboards, production, mixing and mastering by Maurice Gainen and Maurice Gainen Productions.

Jamieson Trotter – Piano

Robbie Vinton (Manager & Musician) – Bass & Guitar

Weepy McBonebone – French speaking

Dave Boles of Bodhi Art – Cover artwork

Producer: Gina Nemo

Record Label: G Plan Music

Date of Publication: 2014

Titles of Songs:

Shoulda’ said
I want you
Love Comes Quickly (French edit)
My Eyes are Wide Open
Kissing You
Another Day
‘Tis Autumn
I Lost You
Love Comes Quickly (Radio edit)

In the heat of Summer, Cicada. An evolution from her previous music, Cicada by Gina Nemo is an electronica dance music journey that plays love forever. Gina Nemo is a child star and a talented singer, songwriter, photographer, writer, actress and marketing wizard, her previous album is Plastic Wonderland.

The song that took This Writers breath away was Love Comes Quickly, beautiful layers of exotic flute music with the voice of an enchantress, “love comes quickly, whatever you do, can’t stop falling” and “you can fly away to the end of the world but where does it get you to”. I preferred the French edit, there is a mans voice in the background at the beginning and ending, talking in spoken word, it is spoken word music on wings, the ultimate dance song. The music is a kaleidoscope, the beat in different colours of love. This song is a new version cover written by the Pet Shop Boys.

Another favourite is ‘Tis Autumn, this song is a hit jazz song by her father Henry Nemo from the 1940’s transported to now. With her deep voice and a new musical mix featuring synthesized piano this old favourite is transformed into dancehall music. “my holding you close is no crime, as the birds in the trees and old father time ..” “ladedaladedaladeda” “’tis autumn”. An old world classic with a new world feel.

Also, Saltwater, a Julian Lennon cover, is a sweetheart song turned into dance music. The music is synthesized with New Age lyrics of “we are a billion children rolled into one” “time is not a friend, as friends we’re out of time” and the refrain “saltwater dwells in my eyes”. You can feel the influence of John Lennon and the Beatles, conjuring fantasia images of Strawberry Fields.

Love songs as dance music, the lyrics describe the spaces of love, often broken, sometimes happy inside beautiful mood music, Gina Nemo’s sweetheart voice rich and dark. The album is a sophisticated eclectic mix of influences, including jazz, gospel, rock and roll, spoken word music crafted into New Age dance electronica that transports you into dream spaces. Gina Nemo craftwerks are as masterful with those magic hooks as dance songs by Madonna.

I Want You, is an animal instincts tour, a haunting come on about connection, “I want you like you want me”. Also, Kissing You begins with a piano introduction that rolls into a sophisticated/velvet instincts work. My Eyes Wide Open has singing with a gospel feel. I Lost You, “no where to turn to” has New Age magic and Shoulda’ Said has haunting lyrics with “shoulda’ said goodbye”.

As if an angel fell to earth, the beautiful singing voice of Gina Nemo with new electric electronica dance music. In the mood for love, Cicada by Gina Nemo.

Available at CD Baby, Amazon and itunes.

“Scarlet” By Gina Nemo – Poetry Review

Scarlet:  love poetry with that Nemo magic, by Gina Nemo.
Scarlet, the love poetry of Gina Nemo. As well as being a Poet, she is a writer, producer and director of television, producer and writer of music, musician and actress. She began her Hollywood career starring in the 21 Jump Street television series. This is Gina Nemo’s second book of poetry, and this Writer’s second Book Review for her. A good book of poetry is like opening a box of fine chocolates. The sweet, sweet love poetry rolls out like candy and fire in cadence, not unlike a song. In the background Ricky Nelson sings, “a be bop baby” “a be bop baby”.
Borrowing from the Beat Poet tradition, the modern Hip Hop genre and American BeBop, the poetry is Romance American style.
From: Swoop

“Sometimes I wish I were a bird
So I could swoop down to you
Maybe sit on your window sill
Just sit and sing a song or two

Hoping you will know it is me
In the way I sing that tune
The notes from a long time ago
When we sat under that moon”

As if playing on the theme of lost/conflicted love, the poetry writes, some ancient appeal of a girl to the universe for the perfect love that lasts.
The flowing rhyme scheme creating sonance, like sweet offerings, perhaps spinning magic into the perfect lover. As if the world is just beginning to pull
itself out of the heartache of too much love lost inside the miasma of the Industrialized Western war/culture machine and into the imagine peace, imagine
love of the New Age.

Him and Him Again

“He speaks to me

In some chemical


All I can think of

Is a river of melody

Coming with him

He is inside of me

Him and him again

As we touch

He feels me

In that moment

Where time escapes

As we fall down

To that silky water

Floating in paradise

Of fire and lace

I want him to hide

Deep inside

Then devour me

Again and again

I want no other

His hunger and fire

Only him

Him and him again”



I see red

Upon my lips

On my finger tips

On my silk robe

Plates and cups

Scarlet stones

On my ear lobes


Sexy night

Fire and light

No worries

In sight

You and me


And cream

Rubies and



Ripped seams


From goodbyes



Put on ice


The poetry wraps the Reader in the familiar of old songs on the radio, beautiful love poems like gathering stars from the sky.

From: What He Does

“What he does

What he knows

He holds on

So close”

From: Your Slice

“All inside

Your flight

As you wait

In the window

Behind your warm



The celebrated landscape despite hard times, the truth of love lost and heartache is woven into a song of the heart. It is on the surface a deceptively simple style
yet the poetry tells the story of love from the streets of New York to the streets of L.A. The red rose of love on Summer winds, that Nemo magic, Scarlet
by America’s Sweetheart Gina Nemo.

Rebecca Banks
The Book Reviewer